old 2015 Location

Nicollet Island Pavilion
40 Power Street, Minneapolis, MN

Want to take the bus?
It’s easy and inexpensive. Check here for the route information you need.
Under “Stops & Stations, Near”, enter your destination as “Nicollet Island Pavilion”. You’ll get various routes to choose from. https://www.metrotransit.org/Planner/ServicesFinder.aspx

We have 140 reserved parking spaces in two parking lots adjacent to the Nicollet Island Pavilion. Here’s a map. We have an additional 160 reserved spaces at De La Salle High School, located on the north side of Hennepin Avenue two blocks from the Pavilion. Sidewalks from De La Salle run along local streets underneath the Hennepin Avenue bridge on either side of the island. Streets and sidewalks in this area are quiet and well-marked.

We will have signs and volunteers outside the Pavilion to direct you to event parking. If the weather turns bad, look for a shuttle from the De La Salle lot to the Pavilion. Carpooling? You can pull in and drop riders at the Pavilion entrance, then circle around to park. 

In addition, all on-street parking on Nicollet Island is free to the public and available to us. So you can park on the streets between the Pavilion and the high school, and further north on the island.

Exhibitors can drive up and unload/load right next to the Pavilion before moving away to park.


Here’s visitor information for the City of Minneapolis.