Wild Ones Design With Nature Conference
9:00 am - 4:30 pm CST
at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul Campus

Where Have All the Fireflies Gone?
Gardening in Challenging Times

Exploring what we can do—as gardeners and educators—in our own small corners of the world to nurture, strengthen and sustain the complex and fragile web that connects soil, plants and animals.

Conference Speakers:

Neil Diboll

Prairie Nursery President and Consulting Ecologist
Genetic Diversity of Plant Breeding Stock and Preserving Its Integrity

Spotlight Presentations:
Urban Roots
Minnesota Wildflowers

Thelma Heidel-Baker
Entomologist, Environmental Educator, Organic Farmer
Diversifying Your Landscape: Creating a Place for Beneficial Insects

Alan Branhagen

MN Arboretum Director of Operations
Looking Forward to Livelier Landscapes

The conference is now SOLD OUT. 
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Thank you for sharing our passion for native plants and habitat gardening!

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